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Sparticans Ease to 8-0 Richmond Win

8th November 2021

By Simon Fitch

Sparticans 8 – 0 Richmond Redoubtables

Scorers: Grant K (2), Iffland S (2), Fitch, Andrew, Sutton, Bell

A third clean sheet in a row, and a pleasing victory for the Sparticans on Saturday against old rivals Richmond. Enthused by a Churchillian pre-match speech from Steve, who has learnt much from his mentor Fitchy, we started strongly and scored our first through our orator early on. 

The next 20 minutes were frustrating, but fortunately three goals, including one from our ex-defender, now midfielder, but always James Robert Andrew just before half time provided us with a cushion moving into a second period where we hoped the game would open up, as indeed it did.

We then took the game to Richmond from the restart and could have had more goals. Varying versions of short corners were scored and missed in equal measure, as were open play chances throughout the half. The last 15 minutes meandered somewhat to the game’s inevitable conclusion and the job was done.

The team’s debrief in the Marquee of Dreams was assisted with Next Level teas this week, and there were plenty of nominations for both Moment of the Match and Spartican of the Day. In the end Steve won the reserve MotM trophy for a variety of reasons, though Adam was mentioned in many dispatches for his pinpoint accuracy in providing Fitchy with a goal he clearly enjoyed against his favourite team. SoTD also saw a number of nominations, with Andrew Bell, playing against his old club (disappointing earlier life choices now resolved) finally winning the trophy. It was truly inspirational to see all of his practice passes to the fence in previous weeks translating this time around to a perfect finish into the corner during the second half.

Another enjoyable Saturday, facilitated kindly by our umpires Tony and Dave, and we now look forward to Spartigeddon next week as we take in other elite teams from SHC putting on a show for the masses in the evening. It would appear that the newly arranged electronic kitty system will be tested to the max at said event…