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Sirens Score Ten Against Depleted Cheam

29th November 2021

By Kate Burnside

Sirens 10 – 0 Cheam 3s

Team: Caitlin, Tracey, Kate, Victoria W, Victoria T, Claire T, Leah, Surge, Jenny, Jo, Jane, Victoria T, Sophie

10am start on the water pitch

4 degrees temperature

1 degree with wind chill

8 opposition players first half

9 opposition players second half

13 players for the Sirens

4 defenders who played the whole game

2 umpires: Wendy and Chrissie

9 supporters/fans – thanks everyone

1 dog


5 goals for Sophie

2 goals for Jenny

2 goals for Jane

1 goal for Victoria T

(2 own goals)


1 touch by our goalie

0 contested umpiring decisions 

10-0 final score 


11.30am Tracey started on the beer – a whole jug

20 cupcakes to share, brought by the opposition

22 cups of tea? (Ann will know exactly)


1 Moist Mug award to Tracey for buying a whole jug when she was the only one drinking

1 POM Victoria W – an awesome game


Perfect morning.