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Sirens Lose First Game to Clinical Barnes

4th October 2021

By Tracey House

Surbiton Sirens 0 – 7 Barnes L7s

Team: Caitlin (GK), Tracey, Kate, Victoria W, Jax, Claire J, Leah, Cleo, Aimee, Jo M, Sophie, Victoria T

The week leading up to the Sirens’ FIRST EVER game was impeded by weddings, injuries, birthday parties and holidays.

Modes of transport to the game: car, eco car sharing, walking and train

Sight seeing on the way to the game: the river Thames, rain, other trains, boats, closed petrol stations, queues at petrol stations and finding the pitch (PHEW)

Pre-match activities: going to the toilet (twice for some people), breastfeeding, eating snacks, warming up, putting in contact lenses, finding masks, playing with Roeland, hitting the ball, talking about playing to the whistle and that the umpires will try to play advantage where possible

Match activities: letting in seven goals, Tracey giving away at least three corners by getting the ball on her foot (doh), some amazing running by Aimee (POM), Cleo making her return to the Sirens after giving birth to Roeland, and full first appearance for Leah and Sophie

Half time activities: eating oranges, jelly babies and dark chocolate orange, discussing the three goals scored and how to stop any more (that was not so successful!)

Post-match activities: taking off wet clothes and putting on warm dry ones, removing contact lenses, staying in wet clothes, trying to see some positives after losing 7-0 (e.g. we only had 12, it was our first game, we did play some nice hockey at times etc), eating snacks, no DOD awarded as we had all tried hard, and trying to remember how to get home

On the way home activities: looking for a petrol station and finding one with a short queue, drinking coffee, eating more dark chocolate orange

Home activities: sorting wet kit, a lovely warm shower or bath

Injury list: Leah’s sore ankle, Jo M’s bloody knee, Claire J’s rapped calf and a few elbowed ribs

Weather: rain, rain, rain, and more rain, then no rain, then more rain

Final score: 7-0 to Barnes.  Roll on next week.