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Sirens Earn Draw in Saturday Sunshine

20th April 2021

By Tracey House

Sirens 1 – 1 Croydon and Old Whitgiftian Ladies 2s

This was a game that was on, off, on, off then on again with two different opposition from Wednesday to Friday… but come Saturday at 12.30 we had two teams on the pitch!

Croydon only had eight players and were hampered by terrible traffic on the A3 meaning that they arrived late (along with a few Sirens) but we lent them four players and we were off.

The Sirens were also boosted by the addition of Leah (L7) and Val (L6). It's always strange when you play against some of your own players – it’s distracting (I wanted to chat with them then realised I had to stop them from scoring) and frustrating when you realise that what you love to watch them doing – i.e. going past players – they are doing to you. But the game was played in a friendly and competitive manner.

We also had four umpires – with Wendy Beaney supporting Jo M and Dave Johnston being mentored by Andy Parker – how lucky were we.

The final score was 1-1 – a fair result, with Jane scoring. Caitlin (GK) was our POM. Helen was awarded the Moist Mug award for arguing / ‘discussing’ a decision with The Beaney - she will soon learn!!

After the game teas and beer beckoned – thanks to Ollie and Hugh – and to Victoria for the "2 pints of lager and a packet of crisps" that awaited us in the tea tent (these are the Sirens team names for the Summer League). Let’s do it all again next week!