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M2 Make it Two From Two

4th October 2021

By Harry Norris (Schnu)

Men’s 2s 4 – 1 Southgate 2s

POM: Rhys Linnell

DOD: Shnu

After scraping through a lacklustre 9-1 win last week without Des (Jonnie Bird) and Shnu (Harry Norris), the lads were happy to have some experience back in the squad for an away trip to Southgate.

A gorgeous, wet and windy Saturday afternoon saw a controlling start from the boys in white. Dan Hunt had the right half so far in his pocket he was finding last night’s spare change.

A good start to the first half found Buckle (from CB) showing up with a lovely drive down the baseline to find James Evans who put Surbiton one up with a calm finish. Shortly following this, Shnu rinsed the whole back four to win a corner, nicely finished by JET to make it 2-0.

Southgate gained some momentum near the end of the half and scored a nice corner to make things more even. Don’t worry sports fans… shortly afterwards, Shnu turned up with a lovely dinked finish to take the game away from the home side.

The game saw some cards in the seconds half – some deserved and some others also... deserved. Shout outs to JET, Shnu x2, Scotty (shock) and Buckle x2. After some magical work from Des and Foxy on the byline, Billy Winter took the game away to make it 4-1. Surbi, finally back to 11 for the last five minutes, kept the ball to run down the clock.

A cracking start to the season and looking forward to having half squad unavailable for the visit of Accies next week due to some people getting married.

Yours, Shnu