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M2 Breeze Past Wapping in Opener

27th September 2021

By Jamie 'Jet' Taylor

Men’s 2s 9 - 1 Wapping M3 

On the 25th September, the M2s hosted their opening game of the season against Wapping 3s, giving league debuts to Harry Pink, Matthew Hughson, Casper Beyer and Dylan Parry. After the announcements of our new Captain ‘Scotty’ and VC ‘Beanhead’, plus Jamma’s two team talks and once Jamie stopped chirpsing with birds, we were all ready to play in the new London Area Premier Division.

The game started well with Surbiton setting up an aggressive press.  Jake Thompson, Mattie and Casper showed some silky skills creating havoc in the opposing half, which led to several unfulfilled opportunities. After winning a second short corner, Beaumont’s ‘somewhat’ on target flick towards goal almost caught Dan Hunt unawares but he still managed to deflect it against the backboard.

Unfortunately, a lapse in concentration just before half time let Wapping score a well-worked back post deflection. So, after a promising first half, with loads of Surbiton possession (and quite a few unconverted opportunities), we were level at HT 1-1.

The second half was a very different story. Surbiton’s high press – and superior speed and fitness – caused Wapping to tire quickly, allowing Dylan, Foxy and Pink to pick out their attackers higher up the pitch, and Scotty and Rhys to control the middle, linking well with Billy Winter and Tom Dodwell. After spending time resting for a green card in the first half, Jamie thought he needed a further rest and picked-up a yellow card for a “deliberate break down of play”. But Surbiton then started to remember how to play their game.

Foxy put in an impressive dribble down the baseline, beating four defenders and then gave a pass to Mattie to tap it around the keeper. Goals then came quickly – James Evans firing one in the bottom corner, Billy Winter scoring two excellent field goals, Beanhead scoring one (before being helped off later after a heavy knock to the calf) and two PC goals from a ‘well-rested’ Jamie. Rooney had a very quiet second half to be fair and asked for a discount on his match fee – but helped keep the defence organized and in check.

An impressive season opener finished in a 9-1 win. Next week we face a tough midday trip to Southgate 2s. Hopefully this is the start of a successful and enjoyable season for the M2, as we look to push for promotion to the National League.

Lessons from the game:

  • Billy Winter – an injured wrist seems to improve his game
  • Scotty – if you make him Captain, he doesn’t get carded
  • Jamie – joint top scorer and leading card collector

POM: Billy Winter

DOD: Jamie Taylor