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Ladies 5s Beat Sunbury & Walton Hawks

13th December 2021

By Simmi Palmer

Ladies 5s 2 - 0 Sunbury & Walton Hawks

The game against Sunbury 1s started strong with Surbiton 5s making lots of attacking passes down the sidelines and some tactical transfers around the back. The forwards and midfielders worked hard to get into the D and there was an astounding total of 10 attempted shots on goal! The score at the end of the first half remained 0-0, but Surbiton kept their high spirits going into the second half, determined to win a goal. 

The second half saw Surbiton adjusting their press to make sure the opposition didn’t have the advantage of unmarked diagonal passes across the pitch. This worked to Surbiton’s favour and allowed them to win more counter attacks and get into the D. Evie took this advantage and made some incredible runs down the left side line and baseline, winning Surbiton 5s first goal of the match and herself POM (some credit has to go to Mimi for her skilful manifesting from the side of the pitch...!). Emma won Surbiton’s second goal taking the score to 2-0.

Surbiton managed to keep a clean sheet for the rest of the match and secured themselves a triumphant win!

POM: Evie - for goal and skills 

DOD: Simmi - for being unable to count to three…