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Ladies 2s Take Big Three Points Against CCHC

25th October 2021

By Ellie de Heer

Ladies 2s 1 – 0 Cambridge City 1s

Lock your doors and turn out the lights,
Surbiton 2s came to Cambridge, ready to give a fright.

The first quarter was an even match,
Both teams picking up balls like they were at a pumpkin patch.

An inspirational quarter time talk by Will,
Led to a GEM of a goal giving the crowd a thrill.

The first half finished 1-0,
Which gave Cambridge an uneasy chill.

Cambridge started the third quarter strong,
But if they thought they could beat us, they were wrong.

The umpire liked to blow her whistle,
Which annoyed both teams like a thistle

Surbiton didn’t let this affect their game,
For they carried on all the same.

The match ended 1-0 to Surbiton,
Making our supporters very smitten.

So if you’re wondering whether this was a trick or treat,
Come down next week and see us achieve another great feat.

Player of the Match: Jess

DOD: Me (for no reason except for being brilliant at match reports)