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L2s Stay Undefeated: A Poetic Match Report

5th October 2021

By Tas Cookman

Ladies 2s 2 - 1 Slough L1

October 2nd: The 2s’ second game, despite the lack of tunes in the changing room we were ready to stay undefeated 

The whistle blew and we were off, from the first few minutes we could tell this game was going to be heated 

Some silky smooth skills for Gemma had her waltzing through the defence and of course she scored

Not long after Hannah sends an absolute rocket through the keeper, now it’s two on the scoreboard

The treacherous conditions stayed throughout the game, the only dry place was the penalty chair 

I myself felt like I was at a traffic light, had both green and yellow pointed in the air 

Surbiton had some promising breaks as we kept their half under fire 

Some good passing from the team and more great defending, call them Harry Maguire 

Started second half with some ambiguous umpiring, Slough were given a penalty flick 

Score is 2-1, and the aggression from the opposition is still just as thick

Not long to go and Slough enter the circle, past the keeper, but guess who’s there to save the day

No other than Tamera with a beautiful save on the line – let them score? No way!

But of course in 2s fashion we had to make life hard…

Two minutes to go and we get not one but two yellow cards

Great saves from Tess and a sturdy defence meant we kept going

But finally the whistle blew and the undefeated 2s is ongoing!