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Vintage Suffer Sevenoaks Defeat


24th February 2020

By Paddy Tripp

Vintage 1 – 11 Sevenoaks Superveterans

Team: Baker, Bishop (OC’s), Harding, Desai, Bamford (OC’s), Sanders, Aparicio, Molloy, Gray (OC’s), Tripp, Footie, Paterson
Umpire: Harry Hodges

Scorer: Footie

Man of the Match: Pat Baker

That was a miserable week before the game, fretting about finding enough players depending on who was doing what and when but we just made it (after a fashion).

The depressing and unmotivating team talk before the game warned about Sevenoaks teamwork based upon knowing each other for years. The suggestion was to concentrate and work for each other – yes we did try!

Our first problem was traffic – between Amersham and Surbiton hence Jon G arrived just before halftime. From the time he appeared at the pitch to the end of his change/put trainers on, we conceded three goals!

Everyone worked hard but it was one of those days when whenever we made an error, we paid dearly for it. To concede 11 goals sounds like we were thrashed but that was not the case at all. Pat, returning in goal, made at least eight very good saves but luck on phase two was absent a lot of the time.

Passing or finding our own man continues to be a problem and unfortunately our forwards never really got a chance to show what they could do.

The one celebration we had was that Pete Footie scored his first hockey goal ever – well done. And many thanks to Harry for blowing – and giving gentle guidance to his grandfather!

But Sevenoaks were very pleasant and sociable in the bar afterwards and kindly avoided talking about the game.