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Vintage Start Season with 3-1 Victory

2nd October 2020

By Paddy Tripp

SHC Vintage 3 – 1 Amersham & Chalfont Grand Masters

Team: Frost, Desai, Kumar, White, Bishop, Eve, Abdullah, Molloy, Cheng, Footie, Tripp, Hitch, Waller, Green

Umpires: Sharpe & Borrow

Scorers: Abdullah, Molloy, Cheng

Man of the Match: Frost

It's strange to realise that 60 years ago I signed up, paid my £3.75 subscription (or at least my Dad did), found Peter Taylor the Extra X1 skipper and became an SHC member. So back to present day… 

Yet another miserable week before the game, fretting about finding enough players and then an umpire for the opposition. But we managed.

It was another odd mix of players but everyone played FOR the team. We were the better side in the first half and were rewarded by a goal by Bobby Abdullah – great that his son was watching. Frosty still had to make some decent saves. Basically we had quite a few chances and made a hash of them.

Amersham suffered two players with niggly injuries but they fought on. Eventually we converted a short corner – Molloy passed to Green and amazingly Green passed it back to Molloy who put it in the net. Then another short – going wide but Bobby Cheng had done what the pusher-out is supposed to do and was at the far post to nudge it in.

Then Frosty had a wonderful moment of magic and fell over a slow rolling ball and left their man with a tap in – it looked like fun!

Amersham were very pleasant and sociable in the bar afterwards despite the 6 rule. They are very lucky to have Trevor who works tirelessly for his team.

Our thanks to the catering/bar staff who worked extremely hard and in a very pleasant manner – thank you.