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Vintage Lose Unbeaten Record

7th December 2020

By Paddy Tripp

Vintage 1 – 3 Reading Rustics

Team: Frost, Bishop (OC), Harding, White, Bamford (OC), Beaney C (M), Dunn, Cheng (M), Powdrell (M), Sharpe (M), Hitch, Lowe, Tripp, Waller (M), Desai – 6 changes again!
Umpire: Wyatt

Scorer: Waller
Man of the Match: Desai

Firstly, our thanks to Ian Wyatt for umping on his own but being Vintage it is not difficult to keep up with our players, particularly as most had already played.

It was the usual case of many changes, it was cold, and it was 11 individuals against a team but we fought hard until fuzzy eyesight near our goal found the ball in our goal! But no problem – a good strike from Waldo from the top of the D got us square.

And from then on it was downhill and they scored twice more to take the valuable three points and our unbeaten record. But they did play as a team and were pretty fit for their age.

Our thanks to Ann and her team for looking after us very well.