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Vintage Lose Out in 10-Goal Contest


13th January 2020

By Paddy Tripp

Vintage 3 – 7 Indian Gymkhana Grand Masters

Team: Frost, Mitchell C (OC’s), Kumar, Harding, Bishop (OC’s), Bamford (OC’s), Eve (OC’s), Beaney C, Cheng, Green, Sanders (Wimbledon), Hamber , (Richmond), Tripp, Waller; Wright D (OC’s), Gorbert (Amersham)

Umpire: Whelan

Player of the Match: Stephen Green

Our thanks to Paul for umpiring – a game that has, in the past, been difficult was 95% level headed, except when it cost us a goal! 

Stephen got Man of the Match because he played several roles and scored two goals but the award could have gone to anyone. As a team we worked hard with and for each other – two of our goals came from very decent play.         

The first three minutes did not augur well – they attacked and attacked and had three short corners but we defended well and got our things in gear and suddenly we were 1-0 up! They stuttered a while and then got themselves in order. We played good hockey in both defence and attack with the midfield working very hard but, as usual with a good side, we made a couple of mistakes and they took advantage to lead 4-2 at half time.

The second half was a fairly even affair and most of the time we matched them but they had some luck and showed some skill and got three goals to our one. Having Frosty in our goal did help us quite a bit but the overall team effort was good to watch.

Decent social in the bar afterwards – still don’t quite understand why IG gather in a corner and sit round a table but they stayed and seemed to enjoy our club.

Note from Paddy Tripp: A big thank you to the young member who rescued my mobile from the dugout and handed in to the bar for lost property. Please accept the appreciation of a forgetful geriatric!