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Vintage Enjoy 2-1 Win Over Amersham Grand Masters

14th December 2020

By Paddy Tripp

Vintage 2 – 1 Amersham & Chalfont Grand Masters

Team: Frost, Desai, White, Dunn, Cheng (M), Beaney C (M), Curry (M), Molloy (N), Powdrell (M), Sharpe (M), Hitch, Lowe, Tripp, Paterson.

Umpire: Ray Borrow & Caitlin A
Scorers: Molloy, Lowe
Man of the Match: Beaney C

Thanks to Ray and Caitlin for umpiring. Very brave of a young lady to administer a load of oldies. They operated well together and luckily the players behaved accordingly. Good luck Caitlin – you deserve it.

Very carefully marshalled in through the right gate and guided to our dugout – a bit like being an East German many years ago but with best of humour. Makes you realise what freedom is in a simple way!

It was a pretty level game and played in a good spirit. It was great that Tom could see the ball OK and we settled down to playing a version of team hockey – Molly and David controlled the middle giving Powders, Sharpey and Beans to run around with a reasonable bit of freedom. The back division with Bobby C trying a new position were pretty organised.

Suresh was great on the touchline and then announced that he had to go to have a needle jab at St George's – that went wrong after his wife had sacrificed her afternoon to take him there. They had closed the clinic when he got there – couldn't happen to a nicer NHS trade unionist!

At last we converted a short corner via Jon and then Lowe added a second from open play despite contrary thought by some of the opposition. A small relapse in defence let them back into the game before half time.

The second half was pretty even and luckily Frosty made two very good saves and we kept our heads and brought the team bit into action. Some of our passing was very constructive, particularly a very hard strike from our left hand 25’ to their right hand 25’ which was stopped perfectly. Then he slipped over!

Socially afterwards it was very enjoyable as Amersham (mainly Trevor) do think it is an important part of the day... Our thanks to Ann and her team for looking after us very well. They work very hard to help us enjoy ourselves. I am told by oppos that SHC Covid organisation on behalf of the players is second to none.