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Vintage Draw Despite Dominant Performance

5th October 2020

By Surbiton HC

SHC Vintage 1 – 1 Sevenoaks Super Veterans

Team: Frost, Desai, Kumar, White, Dunn, Eve, Aparicio, Curry, Molloy, Sanders, Beaney C, Tripp, Hitch, Paterson, Lowe.

Umpires: Reynolds & Jones

Scorer: Lowe

Man of the Match: none

Yet another miserable week before the game, fretting about finding enough players and then an umpire for the opposition. But we managed and our thanks to Jessica, Giles, Glyn and the guy who came on to replace Giles when he vanished (too far away for me to recognise).

Back to the old ways of last year – change eight players and try to make it a team. Luckily we are not too bad at it, probably because we play old fashioned hockey. But more regular attendance would help the team ethic – we are getting there but we are taking a load of time.

We basically controlled the game and had many more chances but totally failed to convert. Everyone tried their best and did a load of the right things but we needed an in form goalscorer. It would also help to push out short corners in the right direction at the right speed. We had many shorts and failed.

At last in the second half we scored – Bobby Lowe tapped it in as his first for 25 years. And we carried on raiding their D with no effect. Maybe it was an athletic 17 year old keeper that put us off. Then the manager made a terrible error in taking Dunn off and putting Desai on. Somehow this led to them scoring a silly goal to rob us of two points. My sincere apologies for my heinous misjudgement.

Again our thanks to the catering/bar staff who worked extremely hard and in a very pleasant manner – thank you. And the guard in the car park – none of us would spend all day doing that!