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Vintage Defeated at Southgate


11th February 2020

By Paddy Tripp

Vintage 1 - 2 Southgate Magnums

Team: Kotze (Cobra), Bishop (OC’s), Aparicio, Bamford (OC’s),  Southgate, Burles (OC’s), Gray (OC’s), Eve (OC’s), Gorbert (Amersham),  Tripp, Lowe, Paterson. 

Umpire: Southgate

Scorer: Andrew Eve

Man of the Match: N.O.Body

10.30 PB is so modern but for us old guys – very odd, even worse when it is at Southgate – 55 miles and 75 minutes away! Even worse when you get thrown off the underground at Kings Cross for having your old bike with you.

Struggle through the week with a shortage of availability both at Surbiton and OC’s ending up with a borrow from the home club. Statistics thus far:-  P10  W2  D2  L6  GF 17  GA32  - an improvement! 

Player turnout: Total 132, Vintage 29, SHC other 36, Others 60

But we got there and started pretty well and really we should have been ahead but that was not to be. A good amount of hard work was applied but, as so often, the hard work was let down by the lack of constructive passing and attacking the D. Quite often it felt as though we were playing without three forwards. They scored again, 0 – 2, but that woke us up a bit and we realised that short corners were worth having, we got one and Evo struck it well and made it 1 – 2. But that was all we could manage. 

Not the result we wanted but it was a decent day out. Next problem was match fees and beer kitty – heaven knows how other teams manage but maybe it is our own problem as we are still in the “sociability” of the game.