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Tough Day for L7 Against OGs

2nd March 2020

By Ali Quinn

Ladies 7s 1 – 5 Old Georgians L2

A hooligan was blowing and a monsoon was raining down before we started. Mobility Bray had brought her wetsuit and Ollie (Fitch) was very visible. I believe we need to invest in long puffer coats for next season! Gandalf will take the jacket version.

The last time we had played OGs they were like the chickens in Chicken Run – “organised” – a well-drilled team and whilst we were stronger they had also bolstered their squad. We held them well early doors and were toe to toe with them but they were a bit Man City to our Aston Villa... quick slick and well planned in what they did. 

One became three before we noticed despite our efforts and the lack of help from the sun... given recent weather we were grateful for it but it did hamper visibility.

Despite Niamh having clattered her head on the dugout in her initial excitement our colts were standing up to the pressure from an overloaded midfield. Mobility Bray was threatening to card anyone and everyone and our defence were getting dragged around to all parts of the field. We were more than grateful for the half time whistle and 3-0 down with little to show from us.

The jelly babies were a welcome relief but were unable to turn it around in the second half. It was effectively more of the same but we did up our game – the Red Baron was picking balls out of nowhere and we at least managed to get onto the front foot. Our one and only penalty corner was smashed home by the current golden stick holder and at least reminded OGs that the opposition could score.

Every wave of attack was telling on us all and despite rotations Sugar Plum Fairy tweaked her hamstring and decided enough was enough so left the siege to the rest of us! A final flurry from them with an overly celebrated goal gave them a 5-1 win. 

A brave effort from the team but sadly younger, fitter and keener swept in and swept out without even a match tea. Oh well – three more to play and no more to lose! Onwards to the next one.

A big thanks to Ollie Fitch – awesome umpiring, thank you. To Mobility Bray for her usual comedy umpiring, Captain Seddon for always being positive, #allaboutme for doing absolutely nothing more than turn up with the correct kit

Well done to Red Baron Sammy for player of the match – a well-deserved award