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Super Sirens Enjoy Another Win


9th February 2020

By Jackie Anderson

Sirens 3 - 0 Leatherhead L3

What a day to play a game.  The weather was great and the pitch perfect.

We began play with a bang and within the first minute the ‘fantastic’ Jane scored our first goal! The crowd went wild! We managed to maintain possession of the ball and missed several opportunities to score. But we kept on pushing… our forwards were on the ball! Well done to our defence line who managed to stop any goals being scored.

At 30 minutes Lucy injured her foot – we wish you a speedy recovery. Then at 33 minutes the ‘Amazing Anita’ scored – more cheers from the crowd… The third and final goal in the second half was from the ‘Marvellous Jane’ – whoop whoop from the crowd!

We have to take our hats off to Phil who cycled to the matched, played and cycled home… 

Player of the match: Jane Crowther – Well played!

Moist Mug Award: Jo Moores for forgetting the jelly babies (a staple in our realm), for using Lucy’s foot ice pack on her groin (nothing like a bit of sharing) and for running onto the pitch with her water bottle and not her hockey stick. We wish your groin a speedy recovery. Thank you for playing through your injury.

Well played Sirens!

Team: Natalie Geary, Claire Johnston, Tracey House, Jackie Anderson, Hayley Bouchard, Emma Dempsey, Cleo Jongedijk, Claire Thomson, Phil Lynch, Kate Burnside, Anita Boswell, Jo Moore, Victoria Wiesener, Lucy Lawson, Jane Crowther

Umpire: Wendy Beaney