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Sparticans Stroll to Victory

3rd March 2020

By Simon Fitch

Sparticans 4 – 1 Addiscombe M3

Goals: Grant K (3), Iffland

Spartican of the Day: Grant (recount pending)

Unprecedented scenes at Sugden Road as the fences went up, Keith started charging admission and the Sparticans attracted a bumper crowd (largely behind the goal seemingly distracted by events on the other pitch) to a triumph on Saturday.

The first half was average, as we took the ball into contact too many times and allowed a good Addiscombe goalkeeper to shine.  We went ahead but they then pegged us back with one of their few chances.

A frustrated team listened attentively as injured Gaffer 1 and Gaffer 2 delivered a team talk of insights and exhortations and made good the first period’s shortcomings in an improved second half.  In front of the third Grant brother (who knew) Kevin put in another two, with Selfish Steve adding one.  We also cleared at least one off the opposition’s line for them.  And so it was into the Clubhouse for the Suresh Tribute Tea and then drinks watching the Men’s 1s celebrate their league win.

Another victory then, and thanks to Calvin and Alex for controlling a sometimes difficult game so well, and to our loyal supporters for skirting the gate fee and cheering us to victory...