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Sparticans Sneak Past NPL


18th February 2020

By Simon Fitch

Sparticans 3 - 2 NPL M2

Umpires: Barry Kumar and Gary Grant (many thanks)

Scorers: Bell, Anderson, Iffland

Spartican of the Day (again): Andrew Bell

Apologies for the recent media blackout, and thank you to the many loyal fans who have written in bemoaning the lack of your weekly read. We are back in print and happy to report a victory against a spirited NPL team on Saturday.

Following selectorial problems for Captain Chaos last week in our defeat vs OCs as we had about 50 available, this week the Gaffer had very difficult issues with the 10% who seemed to be around. Thanks to Jeremy, Ben and Greg from the Cobras who stepped up to help out and played with apolomb.

The game itself started brightly, and dryly, with wave after wave of attacks. Unfortunately we were profligate in front of goal until Andrew, our resident disciplinary firebrand, opened the scoring with a lethal drag flick/fortunate deflection depending on who was commenting. Shortly before half time the NPL team made us pay with a goal of their own from a corner and we turned around – just as Mr Dennis turned up – with honours even.

We again started the second half well, and pulled ahead with goals from Matt from a power short corner, and Selfish Steve from a flick. Fitchy then did his favourite Curtis impression to kick in an open goal and we generally failed to put the game to bed. With a little while to go, NPL pulled a goal back and from then on we were left to brave an aerial bombardment of Wimbledon 1980s proportions. This we did and it was back to the Clubhouse for not one but two pasta lunches. And all was good.

It was enjoyable to get back to winning ways in a bitty game, well controlled by our umpires. It would appear we have to return to Warlingham School again next week, something for us all to look forward to…