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Sparticans Race to Opening Day Victory

28th September 2020

By Simon Fitch

Addiscombe M3 0 – 4 SHC Sparticans

The Sparticans returned to eagerly awaited league action on Saturday, and returned to Sugden Road with a comfortable if workmanlike three points from Woldingham School, with its cows, horses and a two mile drive.

A squad of 15 assembled, after the Gaffer declared himself available at the last minute after his entry to Scotland was refused. Normally we play Addiscombe on the rather nice Royal Russell pitch, but issues with risk assessments meant the game was played at 3rd Exit after the Ann Summers roundabout. Kudos to the opposition for finding a venue at short notice and to providing two umpires. As they concurred, hopefully we won’t need to return any time soon.

The more mature of our players could cast their minds back to the SHC Beach with un-fond memories. The children amongst us could think, wistfully, of missed summer holidays this year. Either way, sand is the enemy of free flowing hockey.  We didn’t play too badly though and were good value for our 4-0 victory. Selfish Steve and Klinical Kevin scored a brace each – we should have had more but happy with that, and also a clean sheet for Save It Lee at the other end. Everybody played ok in the end, and there was still time for some low level comedy contretemps just before the end.

Post-match, events took a positive tone. Courtesy of Mike having married there (Woldingham, not Ann Summers) we know they are enviable kitchens at the school, but they were out of bounds, as was Addiscombe’s clubhouse, so after a quick debrief, most of the team made it back to the club for some bonus @hockeymatchteas. We are very grateful to Ann and the team for feeding us, whilst we reflected on the afternoon’s outing, the first three points of the season, the Gaffer’s next fishing trip, and the awarding of Spartican of The Day to Lewis and his new game-changing shoes.

We are at home next week, and we’re happy with that.