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Sparticans, Mongooses & Magnets Enjoy Pre-Christmas Friendly

21st December 2020

By Simon Fitch

Sparticans & Mongooses 6 – 3 Magnets

And so on the Saturday before Christmas the Tier 3 Elite supergroup, formed of Sparticans and Mongeese available after their motherships temporarily disbanded after geographical differences, came together for a great game against the Magnets...

Manager Fitchy orchestrated a registration session drawing on all his school experience, replete with one absentee, and we introduced ourselves and put names to the incessant Whatsapping of the week before.  

Eventually we worked out some positions and things got underway. As one of our team said afterwards, ‘On the basis of the first ten minutes I thought we were going to get battered,’ as the skilful Magnets brought the game to the Elite and deservedly went 1-0 up.

Difficult though it is for the author to admit this, Fitch Jnr scored an outstanding equaliser as we got into our stride with some great close passing, and thankfully relevantly little hit and hope. We scored twice more, through James and Lewis, who played very well at attacking centre midfield, and they once, as we got to half time with everything to play for.

After some thoughtful reflections at half time, we took the game to the Magnets as Fitch O added another and Mike scored. The Magnets pulled one back through a highly deceptive slow short corner strike before James got our sixth. The game played out nicely and we retired to the take away tea hut after a short debrief, after we congratulated Will Fox on his assured senior debut.

Thanks go to our umpires, Gary and Ray, for keeping order in a competitive game, to Ann for providing Christmas music and takeaway, and to Liselle and others for providing guidance through the week on how we could play. As events transpired, Tier 3 is so last week and so it’s unlikely this team will come together again. But it was enjoyable whilst it lasted, and Merry Christmas everyone.