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Sparticans Make It Two from Two

5th October 2020

By Simon Fitch

Surbiton Sparticans 2 – 1 Horley M2

Scorers: Sutton, Grant K

Spartican of The Day: James Apples Andrew

A very good day out for the Sparticans at the club on Saturday.  Somehow we dodged Storm Alex entirely. We celebrated Steve’s birthday with some excellent cake after an equally delicious lunch (many thanks SHC Kitchen) and we made a dent in mega-kitty but still have some left. A result all round then, starting with taking the three points in a competitive game against newly promoted Horley.

The Gaffer was sunning himself in Devon, and left 15 Sparticans to do battle on a very watered pitch two, along with the injured Fitchy trying to make sense of it from the sidelines. It was clear from the start that Horley would provide the first tough test of the season as their experienced players took the battle to Surbiton. All of the home team performed creditably and we just about deserved the victory. 

A beautiful team goal in the first half was finished clinically by Matt, and after Horley equalised with a contested stroke, Kevin mullered a rebound into a top corner after Horley’s young keeper had made the latest in a string of very good saves from open play and also corners, where we were again rather profligate. We were solid in the back and in midfield throughout the game, and needed to be on this occasion.

We were indebted to our umpires Barry Kumar and Harry Hodges for keeping control of a hard game. Voting for SoTD was tough – there were many contenders and also the Safe Six seating arrangements at tea confusing our youngest player who was trying to keep count. Eventually though James was delighted to win the trophy, and the complimentary Lynx Africa. A number of hours later, he was one of our last players to leave the premises, still celebrating. Happy days…