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Sparticans Held by Aldershot & Farnham

2nd November 2020

By Simon Fitch

Sparticans 2 - 2 Aldershot & Farnham Cannons

‘Til we meet again…

Scorers: Fitch, Iffland
Spartican of the Day: Warren, J
Moment of the Day: Iffland, S (second goal)

A true game of two halves saw the Sparticans drop points again at a wet and blustery Sugden Road, in the last game before our mid-season break. The team was keen to put last week’s disappointments behind them, and started very well indeed. Some great attacking play led to first Fitchy and then Selfish Steve finishing off moves. We could and should have had more goals, and our profligacy was to come back to haunt us somewhat.

We could have done without a half time interval, and despite all our many exhortations we allowed A&F to raise their game and claw back a goal. We weren’t playing to our potential and we knew it. Although we continued to have a lot of possession, we weren’t able to convert them into chances. A&F then slotted another short corner and despite our best efforts we couldn’t take the three points.

After some initial chaos we settled in for our usual sumptuous match teas and a lengthy debrief. Jimmer was deservedly voted Spartican of the Day for a stellar performance at the back, and Steve’s goal equally deserved to be voted Moment of the Day.  Steve now has a full month to savour the XL Lynx bodywash that comes with that award.

The afternoon unfolded with the government’s announcement and the realisation that we must pause our weekly fun and games.  Whilst we are yet to really fire on all cylinders on the pitch, the last few months have been excellent socially. All of the Sparticans would like to sincerely thank those at the club who have put in such a stint to facilitate ours and many others’ fun – if there is one small blessing to take from the next month, it might be that they can take a little break from trying to keep a moving feast – and the Vindaloo was certainly another feast – in order. These thanks include to those running the umpiring show, and thanks to Ian and Harry for controlling this afternoon’s game.

Whilst locked down, please do feel free to follow our witterings on twitter (@SHCSparticans) and, in a new development, Instagram – surbitonsparticans – thanks to our youth policy for arranging the latter. We’ll see you all soon for more instalments in the Sparticans story.