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Smashing Seven for Ladies 7s

24th February 2020

By Ali Quinn

Ladies 7s 7 – 1 Barnes L5

Despite the retirement of an absolute legend this week the Ladies 7s still had a game to play. It was one of those early morning games – a slip date after some frost and our third time to meet Barnes this year. We had lost both previous matches so we were keen to break our duck. 

We had a pretty strong team, though half our defence were on holiday, so we shuffled the pack and our Captain Sugar Plum Fairy had more post-it notes than a marketing brainstorm meeting.

Mobility Bray requested a fair fight and was more than happy to throw in a card if it got too feisty. We were the underdogs but started strongly with some accurate passing and movement. Barnes couldn’t keep up and once Crazy Legs had picked up a ball in midfield and completely mesmerised their defence to slot home our first goal – we knew that we could take this one. 1-0 up and feeling confident.

The wave came again and our midfield strength was showing through – Frankie pushing down the left and our temporary recruit Rosey stressing their defence on a regular basis. A Kevin de Bruyne esque performance from #allaboutme threaded pass after pass to split their defence and allowed us to pressure their keeper with not one, two but three people trying to convert – the Schword of MOC finishing it off at the far post. 2-0 and we were enjoying ourselves.

Defensively we held strong with GPS Annie being her usual octopus-like keeper and with no Gandalf she had to pick up the mantle. Our Red Baron as sweeper coped really well and Lindsey was keeping an eye on one of their more enthusiastic forwards.

Half time was calling and we wanted to ensure a clean sheet. A penalty corner and a call for “to me to you” gave Crazy Legs her second goal. 3-0 and half time was blown. The usual confectionery and a captains talk was more of the same and “the ball doesn’t tire”. 

The second half was the required more of the same – midfield passes releasing our colts to run rings around their defence. Maisie eventually broke the deadlock with a deft finish giving us a 4-0 lead. 

Struthie had been reacquainted with her pink gloves and with Chenghai and Freya was stepping in front to pressure the opposition higher up the pitch. We were always on the front foot and an overload 2-on-1 gave Maisie that ‘do I pass or not’ dilemma. She made the correct decision and slipped it to the current golden stick holder for a tap in. 

The rotations were working and circle penetrations were yielding results - another run from the colts and Maisie put her second away. 

Barnes had played a better second half and were rewarded with a goal off a short corner – I’m not losing a tooth for a league goal! 

The rout was completed with one final flurry and a ball cracked in gave #allaboutme the seventh goal with a fabulous finish in the bottom left hand corner of the goal – you don’t save those. 

7-1 was the result and Sugar Plum Fairy has a 100% win rate.

Thanks to Mobility Bray for wearing your glasses this week
To our stand in captain Sugar Plum fairy and our Captain Seddon for organising
#allaboutme because I can… and I think I played well apart from the aerial!
To our supporters who came to give us some moral support – hope the cheques don’t bounce. 

Players of the Match: Freya & Annie

Show pitch against top of the league next week – you won’t bet against us getting a result in that one.