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Sirens Storm to 6-0 Win over Leatherhead L3

5th October 2020

By Claire Johnston

SHC Sirens 6 - 0 Leatherlead L3

Well it was goals aplenty for the Sirens this weekend, scheduled as the last game of the day on the sand.

We welcomed new faces due to late injury reports on Friday but this didn’t stop us. A further injury shocker occurred before the match actually started when, in her excitement to play, Victoria W failed to successfully negotiate the children’s play area resulting in her threatening to turn into a unicorn but judicious use of ice left her with just a large egg on the forehead which thankfully didn’t impede her influence in midfield. Her early bid for the ‘Moist Mug’ was duly noted (if you know, you know!)

Sirens started the game in good form, dominating the Leatherhead defence and so it wasn’t long before we put together some concerted attacks on their goal. A dynamic crossfield pass from Rachel S to Jane C resulted in a solid strike missing its target by a whisker. Minutes later Jane returned the favour to Rachel who powered in the first goal. All fired up now Jane delivered a solid blow for goal number two. No goal line fumbling so far, just solid strikes.

With tails up we soon forced a penalty corner. Some frantic defending led to goal number three, which was rightfully claimed by Cuddy (the player formally known as Katie C). The opposition responded but were no match for a strong Sirens defence leaving goalkeeper Natalie G with little opportunity to display her talents.

On the attack again and then it came, courtesy of Lena M who had rallied to the injury call and was on her second game of the day. Visualise in slow motion for best effect… an awesome backhand strike across the D to thump into the far corner. 4-0 before half time.

The second half saw Leatherhead start to find their rhythm but Jane was having none of it and struck early in the half from the edge of the D to make it 5-0. A number of penalty corners at both ends then ensued with GK Natalie finally getting to display fearless keeping to maintain a clean sheet.

Some solid strikes on the away goal by Jane failed to produce further goals but just as the defence were being traumatised by Jane & Rachel, an attack from the wing saw Jo M feed into Cleo who neatly finished the job with goal number six. Recognising the game was nearly up, there then came the ‘Flying Umpire’ moment with an aerial acrobatic display from Dawn W, which we suspect was a desperate bid for the earlier mentioned ‘Moist Mug’.

Game over, Sirens can report a very Covid compliant 6-0 win.

Many thanks to umpires Wendy B & Dawn W.

Player of the Match: Jane C

Moist Mug recipient: Victoria W.