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Sirens Score Fabulous Four

7th December 2020

By Katie Cudmore

Sirens 4 - 1 Old Cranleighans Martlets

*Sing along to Dean Martin’s ‘Let it Snow’*

Oh, the weather outside was frightful
But the Sirens were so spriteful
We were warmed up and ready to go
Go sirens go, go sirens go, go sirens go

Wasn't long before a whistle had us stoppin'
Because Jane had run and popped one in 
I’m sure the OCs saw it as a bit of a blow
Go sirens go, go sirens go, go sirens go

And the Sirens continued to fight
Keeping our shape and our form
Our passes and breaks were so tight
Despite rolling the subs to keep warm

By half time we really were flying
Jane had another and Cuddy kept trying
It came and it was 3-0 to us oh,
Go sirens go, go sirens go, go sirens go

The OCs tried to give us a fright
As they scored one back in a storm
We missed a few short corners in our plight
But as always our defence were on form

Monica needs notifyin’
Must go five before you go in
But Jane got a hat-trick so
Go Jane go, Go Jane go, Go Jane go

4-1 Win!