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Sirens Have Tough Away Day at Reigate

12th October 2020

By Katie Cudmore

Reigate Priory L5 6 – 0 SHC Sirens

On Saturday the Sirens played Reigate Ladies 5s away – a team in which the number seem to relate more closely to their age.

We were keen to get going as on a late Saturday afternoon the Sirens had places to be (the pub!) and we wanted to avoid the 16:00 scheduled downpour. Reigate were also keen to get going as they were very quick to score in the first few minutes.

Reigate dominated the first half with much of the ball remaining in our own half. However, there were some strong breaks made by Surbiton that were swiftly halted by the whistle/umpire. We established very quickly that one umpire liked the sound of their own whistle – this included six short corners, although none of them were converted, thanks to an awesome defence and awesome goal keeping. As the questionable whistle blowing continued, Jackie and Kerry decided to have a chat with the umpire. He did ask if they wanted to continue the ‘discussion’ off the pitch, as Kerry hesitated, Jackie swiftly replied with ‘Yes’ and very nearly earned herself a sending off in this ‘friendly’ match. 

At half-time we were 3-0 down but after a team talk and some minor rage around the umpiring, the Sirens were now all warmed up after the lack of training on Thursday and were ready for the second half.

As we had a new umpire at our end, we decided it was best to keep the ball in our own half and give him a rest from all that blowing. Reigate were very keen to tire their young legs out and after a Surbiton break would find themselves back in the D. I don’t think they will have a problem sleeping through tonight.

Kerry did hit a blinder into the back of the goal from the halfway line but unfortunately, we were unable to claim it for obvious reasons. Natalie made some great saves and with relentless determination and a small amount of aggression ‘accidentally’ took out a defender in the midst of stopping the ball from entering the back of the goal. Reigate weren’t impressed and their coach shouted some strong words. It was safe to say that defence had been kept on their toes and had thoroughly earned their Saturday night take away! 

We finished the game 6-0 with a unanimous decision that this wasn’t our finest hour or in fact our favourite game. We tried to offer an olive branch of friendliness by inviting Reigate to the pub but had to retract the offer since none of them were old enough.

DOD: Victoria (again)

POM: Natalie (GK)