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Satans & Puritans Enjoy New Year's Day Game


6th January 2020

By Paddy Tripp

The yearly game between between SHC Satans and Puritans took place at Sugden Road on New Year’s Day.

This is an annual fixture, which has been played for over 40 years. Satans was formed by Michael Tripp so that a group of friends could get about four games a season together, as Saturday club selection was separating us.

The New Year's Day is now all that is left – three original Satans appeared, with Rowley Paterson and Paddy Tripp playing on the field and Hugo Rowbotham taking the "manager" role.

The Satans team: Frost, Dunn, Panesar (Spencer), Dye, Eve (OC's), Amrish (Spencer), Beaney C, Powdrell, Molloy, Waller, Tripp, Paterson and Pete (Molly's non hockey playing mate). 

Umpire: Borrow

Result: Satans 0 – 0 Puritans

Both goalies touched the ball three times and there was not a single short corner! However the match was a perfect showcard of what a friendly hockey game should be – very competitive, very sporting and very good fun. And the bar take wasn't too bad either! Annie was really good behind the bar and we all thank her for looking after us with kindness and good humour.