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Mongooses Take Incredible 14-0 Win


11th February 2020

By Stuart Aitken

Mongooses 14 – 0 Addiscombe M4

The Mongeese arrived full of optimism as we were up against bottom of the table Addiscombe. Then the shocking news came that there was a new captain – comments came flooding in – “I can barely understand him – what chance have we got when he is barking instructions with a gum guard in”. 

After a quick warm up and an inspirational team talk – they should never have doubted James as selector in chief! The game got underway with a reorganised midfield – would we miss the silky skills of Dirk and Matt and Chris’ regular reverse?

From early on it was apparent the space we had been afforded the week before was going to be doubled up enabling the team to dominate possession. The shots were fired at the goals like someone using an AK47 for the first time, fortunately there was an extra magazine and the team scored nine goals before half time. This left the opposition feeling a little dejected going into half time. 

The captain’s message was short and simple and perhaps not expected – “show no mercy – we need the goals!”. “You Saffers are a heartless bunch,” was muttered from somewhere in ranks.

The captain’s message was clearly not understood and the team started with energy but lacking goals. 25 minutes, no more goals. Eventually after countless short corners and shots the goal scoring started again – five more in quick succession taking the team to 14-0. 

A solid performance from all. As you would expect the MOTM was a closely fought vote, especially with four hat tricks – but this eventually went to Ben White for his tireless running, hat trick and assists. Well played all – big game this weekend. 

p.s. good news for all the Mongeese – we have a few jugs carried over to the End of Season party!