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Men’s 2s Triumph in T2 Cup Quarter Final


2nd September 2020

By Jakey Thompson

Barnes HC M1 0 – 3 SHC Men’s 2s

POM: Scotty Evans
DOD: Jakey Thompson

After a long break and very little fitness most of the boys were keen to be playing again – although this break wasn’t too significant for Beaumont who hasn’t run for three years. With a must win game against Barnes to put us up against Southgate on Saturday, this was a perfect way to start the new season.

The hour warm up really took its toll on the boys who hadn’t done any running for six months but Doidge and Beaumont managed to dig deep and leave enough in the tank for the jog into the team talk.

The first half was a testament to how little hockey the boys had played with lots of mistakes and a lack of composure not seen in this team for a long time. With missed chances from Bean with a deflection and Jakey with a reverse clearing the fence we really needed some attacking inspiration to equal the solid performance put in from the back four.

We went into halftime at 0-0 but full of confidence in the system that Creedy was playing. Another rambling speech from Rhys at halftime just made the boys desperate to get back on the pitch so that it was all over (some would say providing us with the energy to get the result).

With a new found energy we started the second half fast and eventually we got what we deserved with an aerial from Doidge to Beanhead who pulled out an outrageous one-handed pick and then a simple pass to Dan who skipped past the centre back and passed it into the goal. Even the Barnes fans had a tear in their eyes witnessing this inspiring linkup play between two veterans and a young prospect.

With this new attacking threat the Barnes defence was in pieces allowing Scotty Evans to turn three players and pick out a pinpoint pass to Dan whose shot was deflected only for James Evans slap it into the back of the net. The half finished with some more great skill by Dan on the baseline, before feeding Scotty on the flick spot who slotted the ball right under the crossbar for 3-0.

Although the first half was a bit ropey, the second half performance really showed the potential this team has to compete for a top place in the new league.

With a tough game on Thursday against Guildford (who finished fourth in our new league last season) Jakey has to bring his halftime oranges to make up for trying to steal the match shirt. And with a few absences from the likes of Ollie Witts and James Evans the team will have to show the depth it has if we want to leave with a win and prepare us for our next cup game against Southgate on Saturday.