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Men’s 2s Start Season with Wimbledon Win

29th September 2020

By Dan Hunt

Wimbledon M2 1 – 3 SHC Men’s 2s

Yet again another away game... the boys travelled to Wimbledon but not before a crucial two minute chat beforehand at Surbiton. As the first league game of the season the squad had to get in a good first game to make our mark after being newly promoted.

With almost everybody available we were up for a very competitive game. Special mention to the parents who took being forced back into the car park extremely well. After a quick panic from Doige that somebody had taken his shirt he luckily discovered that he had been wearing it the whole time. And after a very rushed warm up due to having to wait for a train crossing Creedy’s wise words as always set us up for a good game.

We started strong with lots of attacking play and managed to secure a goal after a beautiful demonstration of skills from Petter set up Billy Winter to steal it as it crossed the line (he would have you believe that it was missing the goal). For the rest of the half we defended well with great challenges coming in from Rhys, Finn and Scotty in the midfield and Beau, Max Birdie, Doige, Foxy and Jamie solid as ever. Only receiving one green card in the first half was pretty good going for the 2s.

Despite continuing to defend well we unfortunately conceded to make the score 1-1 and with not long to go we need to score again. With a quick counter attack Jakey entered the D and won a penalty after being taken out by the goalkeeper, which Doige expertly put away thanks to his many years of experience. An aerial sent in by Rhys that landed directly onto the foot of a defender won us another corner and we had one last opportunity to score. The keeper made a good save but the ball went to Bean who smashed the ball at a scared looking Jake who was on the post for a deflection.

With the score at 3-1 with five minutes to go all we had to do was keep 11 men on the pitch… however that plan was cut short as I was yellow carded, sending me to the bench for the rest of the game. The final whistle blew and we showed the strength of the mighty 2s with an opening victory and a lot of potential to continue winning.

Goals: Billy Winter, Liam Doige, Jake Thompson

POM: Jake Thompson for a great performance and a goal

DOD: Dan Hunt for ruining the almost cardless second half