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Men's 2s Begin Preparations for the New Season


26th August 2020

By Scott Jones

A Pre-Season Training Report from the Men's 2s

The long anticipated return to hockey was upon us and the M2 returned to the pitch for their first training session of the season.

Lockdown activities had varied between the group, Billy Winter claimed to be ‘in the best fitness of his life’ while Beaumont was just happy he spent three months away from Bean.

Scotty Evans didn’t feel up to the standard of the 2s so decided to go stand on the sides of the 1s training session and get tackled by the juniors. As a

special returning guest, I noticed the standard, unsurprisingly, had rocketed since I left the team. A lack of a goalkeeper didn’t help but being the professionals they are, they adapted and achieved a brilliant session.

The ‘dynamic’ movement of Doidge, mixed with the calmness of Rhys and the ankle breaker Birdy delivered on me in the first 10 minutes made for an enjoyable first session back.

A big thanks to the 2s for having me back, thank you to creedy for the session, and big thanks to Birdy, my ankles are still sore.