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Men's 2s Continue Winning Start

5th October 2020

By Dave Bartram

SHC Men’s 2s 6 – 2 Tunbridge Wells M1

On Saturday 3rd October the Men’s 2s had their first home game of the season against Tunbridge Wells Men’s 1st XI. Being new to the league, a win against Wimbledon last week was a perfect start and so the boys wanted to continue with their winning ways.

Thursday was an important training session but Rhys opted out to spend a couple of hours in the barbers and re-whiten his teeth, Billy managed to get himself Fresher’s flu and Birdie picked up an injury playing 5-a-side netball... no sorry, football, which cost him an appearance on Saturday (looking forward to having you back next week).

However, the team selected was as strong as it could have been. Saturday morning arrived with Will Petter asking if it had rained last night as the Surbiton Nile trickled out of the grounds... yes, Will, it had rained. And no, the pitch did not need watering...

The boys arrived in force, but Jamie and Jake were looking slightly tired before the game, no doubt due to their 2.30am conversations about different hairstyles and chat up lines to pick up girls.

The warm up was good and the game started well, with James Evans rocketing the ball into the bottom left after the first ten minutes. The lads played some fast flowing hockey which led to a short corner calmly drag flicked in by Liam Doidge and a third backhanded in by Will Petter. Bartram managed to convert the fourth after some excellent advantage given by the umpire, which meant Surbiton were 4-0 up leading into half time.

Creedy was rudely interrupted by some Eurotrash techno music at the half time interval, which clearly wasn’t to GK Ore’s taste. After all, the next two shots on goal from the opposition were scored via the near post and through the legs of the main man in a feat that almost earned him DOD. Also in the second half, Scotty Evans managed to secure a 100% sin bin for chipping someone else’s hockey stick, but this time he was only given a green card.

At 4-2 up Surbiton took control of the game and another bit of advantage from the umpire lead to Finn Cooper smashing the ball in the back of the net. Dan Hunt finished the job off with a well-executed backhand.

The reason I write this report is that after a brilliant tackle in the dying minutes the umpire awarded it the other way, to which I calmly expressed my opinion. Clearly not the right thing to do.

Things to take from the week:

  • Rhys had a good haircut
  • JT is taking love advice from JT
  • Scotty has managed a card in every game he’s played
  • Surbiton 2s deserve to be in this league
  • Sometimes profanities result in you writing the Match Report

It was a good day out at Sugden Road and the 2s look to continue their streak with West Hampstead away next week.

POM: Max Anderson

DOD: Dave Bartram