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Magnets Win Rusty Season Opener

28th September 2020

By Mark Waller

SHC Magnets 2 – 1 Old Cranleighans Hamstrings

Team: Frost, Kumar, Cheng, Majid, Sharpe, Beaney C, Curry, Dowthwaite, Mortimer, Dunn, Green, Lane, Powdrell, Waller

Scorers: Beaney C, Dowthwaite

Our first outing with as full a squad as we have mustered in recent seasons, and how it showed, but not in a good way. This was not a great advert for masters hockey and both sides showed every sign of not having played together for some months.

It was a scrappy game with very few highlights. Basic skills were poor and too many passes went astray, compounded by a clear lack of match fitness. On balance, we were the better side but had to work hard for the victory. And, if OCs hadn’t had a second goal disallowed, the outcome could easily have been very different.

However, not all was doom and gloom. Firstly, we were happy to welcome new member Simon Mortimer to our ranks (and hope this sub-par performance didn’t make him regret his decision to join the club). Secondly, when we did manage to string a few passes together we looked more like our usual selves, which offers hope for the rest of the season. The goals were well taken but chances were few and far between as we failed to make enough telling circle entries. Still, a win and three points will do for the first match of the season.  

Thanks must go to Jess and Ray for umpiring, especially at such an ungodly hour. And, thanks also to all those who worked tirelessly on the day and behind the scenes to make things run smoothly on and off the pitch despite the ever-changing requirements.