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M2 in Close Pre Season Game with Rivals Guildford

4th September 2020

By Rhys Linnel

Guildford Men’s 1s 2 - 1 Surbiton Men’s 2s

POM: Tom Fox 
DOD: Rhys Linnel 

With the back end of last season’s cup run making up much of the 2s pre-season, we headed to Guildford on a rainy Thursday evening for one of our only “friendlies”. 

Whilst close to bedtime for various members of the squad, an 8.15 pushback left plenty of time for the lads to catch up. Unfortunately this time was dominated by the teachers moaning about how hard they work, after their first day at work in six months. Foxy’s move to KGS should provide valuable insight this season on what Beaumont and Bartram actually do all day. 

Tuesday's rust out of the way, we actually played really well. Player of the Match Fox the standout but Hunt, Bishop, Thompson and Taylor also showing that not moaning about having to go back to school can help with performance. Even Coach Creed seemed to cheer up after a tough day at Bisham pretending to like everyone. 

Billy Winter, starting to feel his lungs again after giving up the death sticks scored a lovely reverse stick flick. 

Then Guildford scored two goals late on from fortunate breaks of the ball after good saves from Griggs, but they did bring 21 players and so effectively cheated so we won’t worry about that too much. 

A special mention should go to Jake for following up Tuesday's match report with oranges for half time - regular readers will note that Jake likely thinks some of the lads need more fruit in their diet. 

Keen to justify re-claiming the captaincy after Bean led us to the league title in his absence last season, Doidge is washing the shirts for the second time in a week. He’s also taken phone numbers from all of the young lads, presumably to curry favour in case of a future election. 

Your writer picked up the DOD vote at a canter for the one foul he made resulting in a card. Beaumont duffed an aerial on the top of the D that led to the winning goal but the lads let him off. He’d had a tough day at school after all... 

When’s half term?