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M2 Draw with Bournemouth


27th January 2020

By James Evans

Mens's 2s 1 - 1 Bournemouth M1

On Saturday 25th January, Surbiton 2nd XI played Bournemouth 1st XI.

The day started off with a few absences, Birdy was watching his girlfriend play netball. Unfortunately no information could be found about this game due to it being insignificant. Other players not available included Klaus, Finn Cooper and Tom “I go out on Friday nights with Bean now” Beaumont. No surprise that Bean hasn’t managed to stay off the booze during weekdays in January and came in stinking of alcohol. In other news Bean has a new girlfriend ooooo. The 2nd XI did have a new coach however - Jaap Stam (Little Princess Trust for donations).

The game started with Rhys playing some golf and hitting for touch. A few of the Bournemouth players dodging balls coming at their heads. Scott Evans picked up his usual card (a bit like passing go in Monopoly). Redders and Adam lost their heads with each other and there were some lovely handbags on show. 

Half time score Bournemouth 1-0 Surbiton.

During the half time break Tom Smith was kind enough to grace us with his presence. Some calls from the touchline of “ringer” and “ginger” as he muscled his way through lines of farmers. Surbiton definitely had the better of Bournemouth in the second half and Redders (didn’t go out Friday night) scored a worldie top bins flick off a short corner. 1-1. What followed was not too pleasant with many players thinking that they were Conor McGregor. Tinker (scared of Rhys) squared up to one of the oppo. J. Evans managed a yellow for getting a bit heated. To top it all off Redders joined the bench with a green for some explicit language at the end. 

Final score 1-1. Could’ve been better, could’ve been worse.

POM: Redders, Tinker, Rhys
DOD: J. Evans