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Ladies 8s Strike Again in 5-2 Win

27th October 2020

By Debs Ogun

Ladies 8s 5 – 2 Horley Ladies

The Awesome 8s struck again in a ‘riveting game’!

Luckily the start time was, ‘almost the same pubs have to close – but in reverse’ so Ditsy B was on time. Even Struthie and Fanny Star Baker made the most of their first home fixture to be ready and raring to go. Following a good team warm-up, we were itching to get on the pitch to see what Horley were made of.

With MOC off on pirate duty and Niamh the latest player to be struck down by the curse of the 8s we were lucky to still be fielding a strong squad, welcoming back Taryn with her ‘wonky’ ankle and pleased to have a guest appearance from Sugar Plum Fairy who didn’t fancy the trip to Dulwich (speedy recovery Mary and Niamh xx).

The game started at full pace with both teams putting on the pressure. Surbiton struck first with a run up the pitch and great cross from Ditsy B that was beautifully converted by Taryn. Play continued. A cheer from Ditsy B made all assembled think that Beaney Baby had scored but alas it was a premature celebration. A spectacular wipe-out by Beaney Baby was deemed to be ‘clearly your fault’ by umpire Kerrie but being made of stern stuff Beaney Baby was soon back on her feet despite seriously bruised ribs. Horley were not sitting back and SuperPower was kept busy. Her superb saves kept the ball out of the net, ably assisted by great clearances from Ruby. A hit out from Fanny Star Baker was seized on by Dolly, passed through the ranks to find Beaney Baby who went one on one with the goalie to successfully dribble across the line. I’ll take that as an assist 

A half time talk from Tarek and wine gums from Captain Seddon saw us ready to go again.

Chengai held the middle so well providing stability and support in equal measure. Sustained pressure resulted in a number of penalty corners. The ball was sent to Crazy Legs at the top of the D, she held onto it for the perfect length of time before slipping it to Taryn who scored her second.

There then followed a serious blip where Horley scored twice in quick succession. 3-2 and we were worried. Time to settle down and switch on.

#allaboutmimi strongly organised her side of the pitch, linking well with Ruby and providing ample opportunities to the forwards down the line. One such run resulted in a cross to Beaney Baby who slipped it back to #allaboutmimi positioned behind the goalie and rewarded with a goal!

We then had lots of pressure with multiple attacks on the Horley goal. Strong umpiring from Master Oliver Fitch gave us a p-flick. The adults stepped back and Crazy Legs bravely stepped forward. A valiant effort was adeptly saved by the goalie. Not to be quashed, more pressure resulted in a second p-flick. This time Dolly stepped up and slotted it home! 5-2. Surely it must be nearly full time?

Ruby was as amazing as ever in defence, clearing off the line, tracking back with her opponent and linking superbly with the mids. Ellie steered the ball out of defence despite being descended on by numerous Horley players. Struthie read the game well to provide routes out from the back around the intense marking from Horley. Emma worked tirelessly to keep the opposition busy. Thanks to Sugar Plum Fairy for joining us. We particularly enjoyed your strop off the back line!

Player of the Match – Chengai. Fantastic all-round game, strong in defence, solid holding the middle, supporting the mids and tenacious in attack. Well done!

Huge thanks to our wonderful umpires Oliver and Kerrie. Thanks to coach Tarek and Captain Seddon for your organisation, guidance and support. Thanks to our spectators including Surbiton royalty Wendy Beaney and proud dad Simon Fitch.