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Ladies 7s Push On With 5-1 Win


4th February 2020

By Ali Quinn

Ladies 7s 5 - 1 Chertsey Thames Valley L1

It’s weird playing at home but not at home and whilst it was windy and could blow “Sir” Mobility Bray off her scooter we were feeling confident. We knew that CTV could turn up and play so we had to get an early goal and be positive.

We’d learnt from TEAMGB earlier in the day that we needed to take our chances and we did – a neatly taken goal from current golden stick holder early doors gave us a precious lead. CTV were not as good as we had expected so we started to get more confident. Our passing and movement were excellent – the midfield was able to put passes to the forwards running into space which spread the play and gave us more chances. An unselfish pass by Crazy Legs notched another to our Lisa – she will win it again! Though she did make hard work of it.

CTV started to get slightly frustrated with the umpiring but Mobility Bray was having none of it. Lynsey was strong in defence and our Red Baron couldn’t see with the sun so kept it firmly on the ground #allaboutmimi was probing from defence and Amber was giving their defence a tough time. 

Gandalf was determined to keep a clean sheet and Crazy Legs was on fire. MOC reminded us that she is keeper of the Schword by slotting a third home giving us a 3-0 lead at half time. 

We are clearly a team that peak in the second half of the season so needed to step on and ensure they didn’t come back into the game. Some inspirational chat at half time – mainly sugar intake and the obvious we need to win the second half, plus a reminder that we were playing on the yellow lines not the white Lisa!

The second half was more of the same and CTV got more and more frustrated with the decisions. We kept our heads and gave them the run around. Captain Seddon was happy on the sideline. 

A green card from Mobility Bray heaped more pressure on CTV and then we ran riot up front with chances galore but only one went home after Amber hit one from the top of the D. #allaboutmimi had the overlap on the right and our best form of defence was attack.

Debs got hit, again, (not sure there’s a non-bruised part of her legs at the moment) and Struthie didn’t jump high enough from a GPS Annie clearance which gave away a short corner from which CTV scored a good goal. 4-1 and we pushed back – again attacking to ensure we didn’t concede. We won more short corners from some fairly woeful stick tackling – surprised the yellow didn’t get waved – and yet again a left slip move (which should have gone to #allaboutme but was overruled) gave Amber her brace and a 5-1 win for us. 

Big thanks to… Mobility Bray – at least we all shook your hand and said thank you. Captain Seddon for shouting from the side line and the usual selection challenges. #allaboutme because I can. MOC for missing an absolute sitter. Our crowd of parents who seemed to enjoy themselves.

POM #allaboutmimi had a great game and is really growing into senior hockey. Bring on next week – a chance to break into the top four.