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Ladies 7s in Hard Fought 3-3 Draw

16th March 2020

By Ali Quinn

Ladies 7s 3 – 3 Oxted L2

Last time we played them we had problem with the lights. No such risk of that at 10am on a Saturday. Mobility Bray was injured so our Club Captain stepped in to blow the whistle. 

#allaboutme had decided that 70% alcohol in the blood system would reduce the risk of any infection but clearly that didn’t help with the ability to play hockey.

We started well and the show pitch evened out a few things. Passes were pushed accurately and we were moving well. Our penalty corner routines were worked through with no break through. Then disaster struck Gandalf was wielding her staff but a stretch too far and collision or no collision the shoulder popped out! Ouch – play was stopped and Mobility Bray hobbled to her car and off to hospital for diagnosis. The advice from Gandalf as she left the pitch was ‘you better ……. win’ (insert swear word where appropriate). 

Restart and we upped the pressure – a pass from Sugar Plum to Headband Anne was put away neatly for a 1-0 lead.

Oxted’s usual tactic is to have a player high and hold the high line – they started to get used to the pitch and a sneaky pass in the final third allowed them to scrabble a goal for 1-1. 

We did dodge a bullet with Captain Seddon’s boob saving a certain goal that should have been a p flick – photos of bruising have not been made available yet. Despite our efforts they managed to score before half time 2-1 and all to play for.

#allaboutme was denied wine gums at half time… I wonder why! 

We had to push on and get goals back. We had freedom down the flanks and started to exploit the gaps. Better passing and interplay with Crazy Legs running all over the pitch put us back on the front foot. 

A penalty corner routine “to me to you” works every time and #allaboutmimi put one home to make it 2-2. 

We were still vulnerable at the back but GPS Annie picked everything and was helped by a goal line clearance from Debs and some excellent defending to allow us distribution from the back. 

A left slipped penalty corner dropped again to #allaboutmimi for her brace. 3-2 and we had to close it out. 

A tough final ten minutes to come and the pressure eventually told – a great finish from a through ball deflected into the net 3-3 was the final result. Probably fair on balance and means we will be playing them again next season.

Thanks to Carolyn for umpiring, always much appreciated. To Captain Seddon for the usual challenges. #allaboutme self medicating with alcohol makes me feisty… thanks Dawn I shall now be forever known as Muttley.

Player of the Match was Crazy Legs who covered more pitch than anyone. Gandalf’s injury made headline news and there is no gas and air left in the country – she loves us all!

Last game of the season, hopefully, next week – assuming we can keep 2m apart from each other during the game and we don’t get more than 500 supporters!