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Ladies 7s Draw 2-2 with Guildford


14th January 2020

By Ali Quinn

Ladies 7s 2 – 2 Guildford L3

We were the last game on the show pitch so the crowds were lighter than expected. Guildford were top of the league and if Thursday’s training was anything to go by we were in for a challenging game.

We started well and pressed down both wings keeping them on the back foot. A high press from the forwards put pressure on the keeper, which was cleared straight to Crazy Legs who managed to hit the open goal and we were 1-0 up. An amazing start that we needed to capitalise on.

Guildford woke up and started pressing, we defended deeper and deeper but stood strong. GPS Annie kept us in the game as well as some woeful misses from the opposition.

Our biggest challenge was getting into their half – our Red Baron kept trying to throw an aerial clearing more than one person which did release the pressure but we needed another goal. A penalty corner slipped left to #allaboutme cleared off the line and one off the post meant we were getting closer. Gandalf stepped up and got one in from a strike – 2-0 and pushing for the win.

Guildford were not happy and realised they had a fight on their hands. They started to attack in waves and pushed us further back. A sneaky goal just before half time pulled us back to 2-1.

The half time chat was positive and we knew they would come at us hard in the second half. Our midfield of Sugar Plum and Chenghai kept breaking up their attacks. Even Struthie ditched the pink leather gloves. We had 11 behind the ball at with #allaboutme playing “Gandalf the taller” behind Gandalf at one point. We had limited opportunities to get out of our half and only really had two chances - a 2 on 1 and a scrabble in the goal. 

We threw everything at them - hands (Struthie), Feet (Gandalf), shins (Debs), even Mobility Bray’s varifocals to disallow a short corner goal for not being out of the D – our very own VAR! Captain Seddon was like an expectant father on the side as we awaited the final whistle. A scramble in our D, Guildford equalised and we had some time left to keep them out.

A last minute charge upfield and the penalty corner was given – sadly with no success. It was cleared and the final whistle meant the 2-2 draw was the result. Probably fair but if we play like that again we should be a problem for all teams in the division.

Big thanks to… Mobility Bray for umpiring – you’ll need heat pads for that back. Captain Seddon as ever a nightmare to get a team every week, #allaboutme because I can. Lisa’s kids for having leftovers from a bin bag – classy! Crazy Legs for Player of the Match. Well done team!