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Ladies 7s "Cougars" Cruise to Victory


27th January 2020

By Ali Quinn

Ladies 7s 4 – 1 London Wayfarers Jaguars

It was one of those days when we thought everything would and could go wrong. The first aid kit had been left behind, a gum-shield was found on the car park floor having been dropped, five of us squeezed into the car and then the A3 hit us – down to one lane and all our players except the Tweedles were stuck in it. We informed the oppo and then sat in traffic – the journey there was longer than the hockey match.

The pitch was literally a beach – sand everywhere and we knew it was going to be an interesting game. Most of the team arrived with ten minutes to go - loo stops and warm up strategy had been discussed and we were organised for subs – a quick warm up and we were ready.

We had been beaten by this team earlier in the season after an early goal so we were conscious not to concede. We started well and expected more from the oppo so we were surprised when we were bossing the play. 

We were playing well in the conditions but were reminded that they were above us in the league when Gandalf had to clear off the line and they hit the post. Time to concentrate and push forward. Crazy Legs picked the ball up from inside our half and with clear instructions from the sideline ran goalwards and left the oppo behind. An unselfish pass allowed Mary to deflect a ball into the goal - even though it wasn’t her schword she still scored – you never lose it! 1-0 and half time beckoned.

The talk was that we still needed to up our game. They had a couple of players who were dangerous and whilst we were winning we could play better. 

Second half we stepped up and managed to win our first short corner. A woeful push out from #allaboutme was not planned but Amber’s quick thinking allowed us to put the ball in the danger zone and Sugar Plum Fairy placed it delicately in the goal: 2-0 and now comfortable. 

We were cruising and our colts were purring – excellent runs from midfield Amber and Mimi prowling the flanks, Crazy Legs and Maisie pressuring their defence and our defence not crumbling. 

Our passion to not concede was evident as we battened down the hatches. We were still pushing forward and two more excellent goals from the current golden stick holder finished the job. Though she could have had a hatrick had she dived but I think the thought of sand in certain orifices put Lisa off from hitting the ground.

A consolation goal for them was probably justified but we had easily won this game and cemented our mid table position. The 4-1 result keeps us on target for scoring more points in the second half of the season. 

A big thank you to our newly knighted “Sir” Mobility Bray – hope you managed to get the sand out of your tyres. Captain Seddon for the usual selection issues, #allaboutme because I can and now have to get my car cleaned as I have a beach in the foot wells. And our player of the match Amber for an excellent game and full on effort in the midfield.