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Ladies 6s Storm to 6-0 Win

16th March 2020

By Ruth Fraser

Ladies 6s 6 – 0 London Wayfarers Ladies L5

Two games left of the season and the Ladies 6s are keeping that pressure on league leaders Reigate. 

We had an awful journey across London to the Crystal Palace Sports Centre. But we thought we’d make the most of this iconic sports centre and let Sinead take our warm around the track. So, with starting orders we were off. Lily being Lily decided to try out every event around the track. She got the crowd (L6s) clapping their hands above our heads and she ran the long jump, sprinted the 100m, did a Fosbury flop and took on the steeplechase. Thankfully no injuries but the ladies 6s were pumped for this game. 

We were then on the pitch with sticks and balls and I decided it was a good time to injure myself. Sammy aerialed the ball to me and I put my stick up and the ball landed down on my forehead. A huge purple lump appeared! I knew straight away I would get the vote for DOD.  

Nina gave us a stern but motivating team talk. The main point was to not backchat to the umpires and play our game. We needed a win to keep the pressure on Reigate.

The first whistle of the game and we were moving the ball around so well. This is how the Ladies 6s can play hockey! We got into our stride by keeping possession and making the ball do all the work. Evie picked up the ball on the halfway line and drilled past their midfield and defence. She was in the D in the perfect position to drop the ball back to the P spot, but she slotted the ball into the back of the net between the keeper and post. We were 1-0 up. 

After some substitutions I was on the pitch and we saw some more great movement of the ball around the midfield. Jess slipped the ball into the D and I reverse hit the ball over the keeper into the back of the net to go 2-0 up. 

Wayfarers were not giving up and put some pressure back on us, but our strong defence kept them out. We saw some great movement of the ball from left to right and we were in their D again. Jen took on the goalkeeper who totally wiped her out leaving Ellie to pick up the loose ball and slap it into the goal 3-0. 

The first half was nearly coming to an end and we got our first short corner. Emma took the push out to Jen at the top of the D, who then pushed it back to her and she slotted in the goal, putting us 4-0 up.

The second half started and we were out to get as many goals as we could and were still moving the ball around the pitch well. But the relentless Wayfarers were still putting up a fight and we saw them have a few opportunities, but our defence line were keeping them at bay. This gave Sammy the opportunity to use her aerial skills and move the ball down the pitch to Lily who made a drive forward. After some 1-2s the ball was in the D. Despite some scrappy defending by Wayfarers, Ellie put another one in the back of the goal. 5-0 and Ellie was now on for a hat trick!  

We had ten minutes left of the game and another substitution saw Freya replace Evie in midfield. She did some great runs down the right, slipped the ball across the pitch to Jen who drove the ball into the D and took on a few players. The keeper went down, and she pulled the ball back and struck it like she meant it and we were 6-0 up. The game was nearly coming to an end. I knew I had DOD vote coming my way by then – Jess got a green card but wasn’t enough to take DOD off me. 

The final whistle blew and the Ladies 6s had played a great game. Our next thought was how Reigate had got on. We later found out they won 3-0. One game left and they are three points ahead of us… it’s all down to next week's game!

MOM: Nina who worked unbelievably hard all game
DOD: Well and truly me!