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Ladies 6s Earn First Point of the Season

7th October 2020

By Fiona Fitch

SHC Ladies 6s 0 - 0 Spencer Sapphires

The Super Sixes took on Spencer Sapphires on Saturday 3rd October taking their first league point of the season after being newly promoted to Division 3. With a good combination old and new players the team dominated the game from the start and had the greater percentage of possession throughout. Sadly a goal just wasn’t going to be scored on this occasion. 

A big thank you to the Umpires, Simon A and Ian W who controlled the game admirably with only one card awarded to an oppo (how did Val and Ruth avoid one?); just a shame that flick was missed!

A resounding welcome to the Portable bombastic music system that now follows the super sixes wherever they go on and off the pitch. Feel free to come and join "the most sociable team in the club" for a drink, socially distanced of course! 

As ever, the team were Entertaining on and off the pitch; highlights being Captain Nina running on to the pitch without her stick; GK Marlijn losing a glove; Ruthie throwing her stick in despair/anger/frustration (delete as applicable); Val squaring up to an oppo; Evie putting her stick up someones bottom; Sinead being accused of grabbing an oppo’s stick whilst holding hers (how many hands do you have?) Giselle Cooper Says…..; 

A massive high five to Rory for coaching us, we appreciated it and hope you can be with us for many more matches this season - we promise we can score goals.

Short corners are something we are good at getting; scoring from them is our next target. Keep them coming and lets keep them simple. 

No I in TEAM or is there? "Team work makes the dream work”... let's pass the ball around and make it do the work.

EXceptional match teas this week. Huge thank you to the caterers for their hard work. I can’t imagine there was much left over.

An Extraordinary sight was spotted at the club on Saturday afternoon of which I apologise.  We hope the pink unicorn did note scare any young children, elderly or animals.  Please be warned this unicorn will appear every week, it is harmless if fed and kept hydrated.  Please look after it. 

Shinpads - Note to self, remember to put them on when playing hockey otherwise risk being voted DOD by team mates, donning the unicorn and writing match report. Thanks a bunch guys, love ya! 

MOM - VAL for superb work rate 

DOD - Fee (see above)