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Ladies 6s Draw with Wanderers


14th January 2020

By Lily Craigen

Ladies 6s 1 – 1 Wanderers L5

First game back after Christmas and the Ladies 6s were ready to get back into the second half of the season and run off the roast turkey and booze consumed over the break!

We went out hard, and managed to create many opportunities in the D however the Wanderers goalkeeper was not letting anything past her. The ball was going back and forth between both teams until some good work up front allowed Ellie Hatch to score. 1-0 to us.

Although we had the lead, the game was neck and neck and Wanderers weren’t giving up. After a half time team talk from Spuggy and some Percy pigs we went into the second half communicating much better. With countless opportunities we couldn’t convert a goal and unfortunately allowed Wanderers to penetrate the D and score their first goal with around eight mins to go. The game was very stressful and tight and finished 1-1. For the first game back after Christmas it was a positive game, leaving us a close second in the table.

POM was joint between Fee and Frances. Well played ladies. DOD was Lily for getting soaked when the pitch was being watered. (Closely followed by Ruth for falling all over the place and Jess for not being in the country!)

Thanks to all our fans on the sidelines.