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Ladies 5s Put Up a Great Fight

16th March 2020

By Freya R

Ladies 5s 2 – 3 Richmond L2

Going into the match on Saturday we knew it was going to be a tough game against Richmond and maybe even the last one of the season. Though the outcome wasn’t what we had hoped, we definitely set up some solid play and I don’t think the score line was an accurate representation of our efforts. 

The game began with some good play down both sides: our short, sharp passes breaking up their midfield. Though they had some entries into our D and a couple of short corners, we kept the ball out the goal and Saffy made some crucial saves. Our forwards and midfielders kept the pressure on the Richmond defence and there were some great interceptions at the top of the attacking D from Jess and Val. 

Unfortunately, a slight slip at the back ended with a goal against us but we kept our heads up and came back with an equaliser! The defence played some good transfers round the back and Charlie B, Elsie and Ruby had some good runs up the left hand side too. With both teams determined to score and the umpiring tough, the game became more heated and physical... resulting in a green card for each team.

After halftime and a handful of skittles each, we came back fighting and made some good passes all the way up the pitch. And we can’t forget the main reason I have be given the title of DOD this week: for scoring an mid-air deflection straight into the top of the net... in the wrong goal! Whoops! 

Despite our best efforts and many great tackles, Richmond scored another goal bringing the score line to 3-1. But we didn’t let this discourage us and we linked up some dynamic passes in midfield to quickly score a much-deserved goal! With a short break after a clash of heads and a bloody nose, the full time whistle blew. 

We fought our hardest though we couldn’t quite score again, but well done to everyone who played and thank you to Sofia, Lily and Barni for helping out.