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Ladies 5s Hit Double Figures


27th January 2020

By Gaby O

Ladies 5s 10 – 1 Tulse Hill & Dulwich L3

What a Saturday eh? Not only did we win 10-1, but we got a free sightseeing tour across South London; final stop – Dulwich. What more could you want from your Saturday (other than Love Island: Unseen Bits)?! Apologies in advance for the length of this report, lots of goals means lots of highlights!

We were straight into the game, quickly setting into our stride, taking advantage of Dulwich's early errors, with Ruby, Lucy and Val creating great opportunities in the D. It wasn't long before Elsie hit the baseline with those silky skills to put us 1-0 up. With the ball firmly staying within our attacking 25, another goal followed, deflected into the top of the net from Val. The goals didn't stop there, a short corner deflection from Naomi and a mystery goal from... (I can't remember who scored so applications are now open, contact, put us 4-0 up. As half time neared, Dulwich became frustrated, opening up opportunties unknown to us; well, really to Freya, who made her way up the length of the pitch and fancied herself a shot on goal, good on ya gal.

A solid talk at half time paired left us refueled and raring to carry the lead forward. As expected, Dulwich stepped up going into the second half, gaining ground with some strong runs down the lines, shortly to be held up by Talia, Charlie and Amelia. With the ball being turned over, another two goals came our way from Ciara and Lucy, supported with some great work from the Tabby in the middle. Shortly followed by Naomi bagging herself another goal, to secure the 7-0 lead. We had several short corners in the second half, giving us a good opportunity to nail some set plays, not without added complications of stopping the ball out of the D, or our lack off according to the umpire. Despite this, a straight strike from Gaby at the top of the D added a goal and verbal warning for Gaby for chat. It wasn't long before Naomi took her hat trick shot, with a sleek and smooth shot off her reverse hitting the top of the net. The final two minutes were filled with as much drama as Megxit; Gaby got carded, followed by a conceded goal and another goal added to our tally from Lucy, the final whistle blew and we went home with a 10-1 win! 

One of the easier sides we will come up against, but a good opportunity to practise several things that we can carry into next week!