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Ladies 5s Grab Late Winner

9th March 2020

By Ruby & Molly

Ladies 5s 3 – 2 Woking L2

POM: Emily Sawyers 

We started with a focused warm up, determined to improve on our game from last week. The nice weather started us off in high spirits with lots of possession and a few speedy attacks from Elsie. However Woking managed to catch us out on a counter attack, and despite good defending efforts and a near save from Saffy, Woking scored the first goal of the match. 

Determined not to lose yet another match, with some quick passing and good communication we managed to equalise, putting the score up to 1-1. Although Ciara and Katie showed some great marking of their number 3, Woking scored again just before half time. 

A good half time talk from Tarek and Ciara prepared us to bounce back in the second half. Everyone listened carefully and we were ready to make the improvements defensively and offensively – with tighter marking and more shots on goal.

The second half started with a bang as we scored in the first three minutes. Emily stormed through the midfield, into the D and put the ball straight into the corner of the goal. 2-2. By this point it would be an understatement to say the opposition were getting upset. However, we stayed head strong, calm and collected allowing us to dominate all aspects of the pitch throughout the half. 

Some more great attacking play from the likes of Elsie and Val gave us some more opportunities in the D. Incredible defence from Charlie A and Freya saw that no more Woking goals were scored. Once again, Emily secured us a goal, this time giving us the lead and earning her the POM award. The full time whistle blew and everyone was happy to win a match for the first time in a while.