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Ladies 2s Move in Right Direction

26th October

By Ellie de Heer

Canterbury L1 1 – 1 SHC Ladies 2s

POM: Elani Sherwood
DOD: Ellie de Heer

It was a cold and rainy Saturday
When Surbiton 2s headed down to Canterbury

They were looking for their first win,
Otherwise Will Fulker was putting them in the bin

Ellie de Heer got there 2.5 hours early,
She apparently quite enjoys the journey

To the players’ delight,
A changing room was provided, which proved quite the highlight.

On the first whistle,
Surbiton were off like a ballistic missile.

An early chance for the opposition,
Was saved by Tessa and her calm disposition

Canterbury were left rather shocked,
But the first quarter remained deadlocked

The pressure was mounting,
The crowd were shouting

And then it came,
Hannah Denison took aim

A cracking reverse hit,
Had Canterbury’s goalie thinking ‘S***’

1-0 was the score at half time,
I can’t believe I’m making this all rhyme.

The second half was underway,
We wanted to keep Canterbury at bay

Things started to get heated,
Cards were given with both teams feeling cheated

The third quarter was up,
We were so close to rounding this all up

But Canterbury had other plans,
A much needed goal pleasing their fans

It was 1-1,
But the game was not yet done

The clock was counting down,
But Canterbury refused to back down

The final whistle was blown,
Surbiton let out a big groan

It was another draw,
But the crowd were left in awe

Surbiton once again showed
How they so often play in beast mode

Next week we go again,
Slough to come and play at Sugden Lane

You better be there,
To witness all this finesse and flair

And a special mention to player of the game, Elani
She really did do plenty

So see you next week,
You’re in for an absolute treat!