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Jokers Impress Away From Home

26th October 2020

By James Draper

Guildford MO40s 2 – 8 SHC Jokers

Scorers: Burns 3, Dye 1, Mallinson 1, Michael 2, Stone 1

Match report: JJ, for not having the correct away kit.

After a strong performance last week, the Jokers travelled to Guildford in the driving rain to see if they could continue to improve.

The start was a bit of a shambles. Apparently they play in white. To be fair, they were new to the league this year, and the last time I had seen a Guildford team in action had been their first team, and they play in dark red! The umpire was nice about it and offered to get us some bibs, but their skipper rather annoyingly stated that he had written in his email to me that they play in white shirts in capital letters. I checked his email, yes he said they play in white, no it wasn't in capital letters. Grrrrrr! It should also be noted that no one in the team mentioned this to me! Thanks guys. Anyway, after a subpar warmup and a quick team talk we were all set up to start in a mix of dark blue, green and light blue bibs. As a team we looked, well, like a bunch of Jokers.

The start was actually a shambles. The team talk of simple play, percentage game went out the window, as we gave away possession time and time again. Things began to settle with a great goal from Jabba. Guildford managed to slot a couple of goals in the first quarter before the Jokers remembered the game plan. The second quarter of the game was all Jokers. Great movement off the ball and good passing choices combined to give the Jokers a 4-2 lead at half time.

The half time talk consisted of, 'let’s do more of the same'. Predictably the first five minutes of the half didn't go to plan with lots of basic errors being made. However we then found our groove, dominating the game and scoring another four goals. 

Everyone played well, but there are a few notable mentions. Jabba, another three well taken goals. Luke for some excellent movement up front and a great individual goal. Jim Seyer for an excellent well timed run and reverse shot to set up a goal. Stoner for a powerful short corner goal from the top of the D. Knoaksey for having a little conversation with the biggest guy on the pitch and playing in another five positions. Blox for subbing himself off at sweeper then subbing himself back onto the forward line. Trevor for another excellent display in midfield. Tony for forgetting he was a hockey goalkeeper and playing a few distribution plays across the back. Jon for a great return to the team, putting in a solid performance up front.

This is a team that is starting to find its game, everyone is enjoying their hockey and is willing to take responsibility for their own game and contribute everything they can to the team. If the Jokers keep this up, we will be very difficult to beat.